After Reading this Article, You Will Be Happy Forever! Part 2

One other thing I’ve taught myself to do each morning on awakening is to remind myself what happened yesterday that I’m thankful for.  For example, yesterday I was able to complete some of the research work for an important project  I was able to take a long walk in the sun, I finally got a chance to talk to my brother Mark on the phone and he’s well, Marlene made a fantastic dinner (it was just mac & cheese, just wonderful), I was able to write a great article for an assignment writing service where I want to work. I’ve often averred, to me the most special days are the most unspecial days. I hope you can understand what I mean.  An average day may at first appear to be anything but special but once I’m attuned to what’s happening around me, the day is transformed into a most special day.

I learned once with my son Matt at age 2 to look through the wonderment in his eyes at a new color, a new shape, a new word.  I almost forgot but now have a new opportunity with my grandson, Adam, to be dazzled by new sound, brand new colors. I’m relearning the lesson of being thankful for the little things.

The tendency is to think of such a simple lesson as being less than profound. From my  perspective the seemingly inconsequential and self evident truths are really the most profound.  The wisest or most simple, the richest or the poorest  have no advantages here. As we’ve seen, our poorest fellow humans in third world countries seem to have grasped the secret of happiness rooted in the act of thankfulness more readily than some of us have.  A similar phenomenon appears to be at work in the dynamics with the seemingly wisest of men who are so busy searching meaning way out there somewhere when meaning might be close at hand.  As many of you know, the paradox is presented in scripture at Matthew 11:25 where Jesus remarked, “I praise you Father…because you hidden these things from the wise and learned, and revealed them to little children.” The principle expounded here is that the simple ideas that even children can comprehend are the most meaningful. Less is more and by extension the simple things when appreciated bring true joy.

Now to put it all in perspective. I personally hypothesize that thankfulness is one of the primary ingredients of happiness.  How else can we explain why rich or poor, wise or dunce, even Christian or Non-Christian have no special privilege when it comes to happiness. As members of the human race we are all endowed with the ability to find happiness and that in itself is something not to be taken for granted. I believe being able to find meaning in life itself is a capability humans can also be especially thankful for.   Meaningfulness coupled with thankfulness can lead to the pinnacle of happiness.  I’m hoping you feel resolved to increase your own happiness quotient by being aware of the little things you come across in life that can make you ecstatically happy.